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    A Clean Message

    Our main goal is to bring a clean, respectable brand to the pool industry that all can enjoy and express their talents with.  We are excited to help you with team shirts or accessories that make you comfortable and play your best.....while looking awesome!

    We can do everything....

    From our pool cues, to our golf clubs, to our apparel, to our embroidered towels...Since we make everything in house we have full control of our quality, price, and design. 

    Tournament Schedule

    Click here for a list of tournaments Play Forever Sports will be attending in 2018.

    About Us

    Custom Pool Team Shirts

    Make your team shine by getting the whole gang matching, comfortable, high-quality, 100% Polyester DRY uniforms!


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    Comfy Apparel

    Shop our most popular products from Sweatshirts, Hats, Jackets, T-Shirts and more!