Our Story

So here is what happened....

Here at Play Forever we try to bring a clean, fun message to our customers, and it all started with pool.  Yes, pool.  We were asked by a renowned pool cue maker if we would be interested in selling apparel at pool tournaments around the country.  After a few phone calls to the administrators, viola!  We were the new shirt vendor at leagues in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.  We knew nothing about pool or how big it was, so we decided we wanted to make a clothing brand that people wold enjoy.  After a "Deep Pockets" idea here, and a "Ninja Sports" logo there, we landed on the infinity graphic and the name PLAY FOREVER.

At our first tournament and being the new guys, we got quite a few perplexed looks from veterans to the league.  But after 5 days at that tournament, sold out product, and special orders after the tournament we knew we had something special.

So after several years on the tournament circuit and lots of new friends, family and fans we  are here to serve multiple markets with lots of fun products for you, your schools, restaurants, bars, churches, and whatever.

Need swag for your school?


If you are interested in getting your school or organization listed on our store please visit the link below to find out what the heck you need to do!