So What's the Problem?

Are you over the "fill out the form for the shirt" phase yet?!

We know trying to get your kids to bring home the booster club form for school shirts is so last century.  And let's face it, your busy too.  Why do you need to worry about building a website/store when you've got grass to mow and cookies to bake.  Well that's why we've made it easy to get everyone on board, get paid, get the sweatshirts and get to the game.

Here's what we do:

When you click on SHOP at the top of the page, you will enter our online shop.  Under CATEGORIES, you will see all of the organizations that use our service to sell their merch. We can add your school or organizations SWAG and Spirit Wear, promotional products, whatever!  You get to design the merch, we put it  up, you send the links out.  After the products are up we will only list the products for sale for a period of about 2 weeks.  At the end of the 2 weeks, the items are not for sale, we close the ordering process down, and we begin production.  Within the 1-2 week production time, we organize every customers order into packages.  The bulk order can then be picked up or delivered to your school or organization for distribution to your customers.

If your project does not have an "event" where items can be picked up, or if your customers are all over the country, not a problem!  We can ship every order to each customer for a small fee.


Why is this a big deal?

Because organizing is a pain and we can help.....

Have you gone through the, "Hey Bill, do you think you want a shirt this year?" request?

And when the time comes, "Oh sheesh, I didn't bring my wallet....." and your left with a lot of leftover inventory?  Yea, that ship has sailed.

By doing it this way, everyone has the convenience of seeing pictures, it's on their phone, they can pay through our secure website with all major credit cards, and only what is paid for is what's printed.  Boom!

After the order session is complete, we cut a check to the organization for the money collected, minus the fees for printing the bulk order.   I've got goose bumps just thinking about it!

Use this as a fund-raiser!

The prices on our store are set by YOU.  We have our prices to print the items, but you can raise that price and collect the difference to fund-raise for your school or organization!